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NX35 Wrap-up: Jesseca’s Highlights–Part 1

16 Mar

Wayne Coyne premiers his laser hands (Photo: Jesseca's crappy cell phone)

By Jesseca Bagherpour

The past four days were some of the most memorable and exhausting days of my life. I’m still trying to process what happened, which is the same thing I said about Fun Fun Fun Fest, I’m sure. But NX35 was even more intense. But our SXSW excursion starts tomorrow (well, technically tonight since we’ll be heading there this evening), so I need to get my NX35 thoughts down before it’s time to write about SXSW (or, more accurately, before SXSW kills me).

Here is the first part of the main highlights, in my opinion, of this year’s NX35. I’ve listed them in the order in which they happened. Feel free to share yours in the comments section.

Evangelicals at RGRS

Evangelicals were one act I was looking forward to seeing that I actually watched (for an entire set, at least). They look cool, they sound cool and they’re all incredible musicians, especially the drummer. I love their easy blend of 70s rock and 80s pop, with Josh Jones often channeling Ian Curtis with his voice and Todd Jackson sometimes mimicking Johnny Marr with his guitar. Also, they’re one of the sexiest bands I’ve seen. Jones, Jackson and bassist/keyboardist Kyle Davis are gaunt and unusual looking, but they have a definite sex appeal. And the way Jones has sex with the audience with his eyes draws the audience in that much more. There was a small audience that night, but the energy was high and everyone at RGRS that night was enraptured by Evangelicals (especially the rowdy teenagers dancing at the front).

Steve Albini keynote at Dan’s

Hours-long keynotes aren’t generally the highlight of a music festival. It’s about, well, the music. But when a man as fascinating and funny as Steve Albini (a member of Shellac, Big Black and other various bands and, of course, a prolific record producer) is the keynote speaker, the hours melt away. It was an educational and entertaining experience, due in no small part to the insightful questions from Scott Porter (of Record Hop, whose last CD Albini produced) as well as the easy, witty banter between Albini and Porter. I learned a great deal about Albini’s background and strong opinions on, among other things, the record industry (he doesn’t give a fuck if it fails), intellectual property rights (they’re bullshit) and music journalism (he doesn’t consider it real journalism because it doesn’t even have the same standards as sports journalism).

Icarus Himself at the Hydrant (and again at a Sunday Day Show)

I raved about this band on Sunday. They’re one of my new favorite bands and they’re also great people. Seeing them for the first time will stick in my mind as one of my greatest live music moments.

The Flaming Lips at The Fairgrounds

This was by far the greatest, most overwhelming part of NX35 for me. I’d seen the Lips once before, at one of their New Year’s Eve shows. But I was far away in the balcony and I prefer intimate settings. This time I had the great fortune of being backstage and for the last few songs of their set I was right in front of the stage, almost close enough to touch Wayne. Being that close to the band enhanced the experience, as I could feel the full force of their energy, as well as that of the dancers. The tons of confetti pouring over us and the tens of balloons being bounced around the grounds added the feeling of childlike wonder. And even though the electricity went out–twice–Wayne kept everyone’s spirits up.

They mostly played songs from their new album, Embryonic, but they managed to slip some old favorites into their relatively short set. As bittersweet as the moment was, I was still excited when they sang “Waiting for Superman”, from one of my favorite albums, The Soft Bulletin, in honor of Mark Linkous. And Jaime wrote about the ultimate highlight of the show, the finale with an extended version of “Do You Realize??”. I think I hugged about eight people, some of them strangers, that night. The warm, sunny, happy feeling I got from the show made my cares (and personal space issues) melt away. I felt like I was floating when I walked back to the square. It all still feels a bit like a dream.

Stay tuned for Part 2, featuring Colourmusic, The Middle East and more!

The never-ending NX35 track-by-track: Week 1

19 Feb

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The Week in Music 6/22 to 6/28

23 Jun

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Rundown: 6/22 to 6/28

22 Jun

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Free mp3s like woah

30 Mar












It’s stuff like Evangelicals- Skeleton Man & The Pains of Being Pure at Heart- Young Adult Friction. You’re welcome.