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Rundown: 5/4 to 5/10

4 May

It’s almost as if this week is critically acclaimed local act week, what with the pAper chAse, and Centro-matic headlining shows at the Granada this week, throw in the rather large touring acts that are playing the early part of the week, add the usual set of mid size touring bands making stops, and we’ve got another pretty interesting week ahead. Continue reading

Rundown: 3/25 to 3/29

24 Mar

Well kids its been an pretty damn great month so far in the DFW area what with NX35, diy X diy, SXSFLESH, and SXSW spill over all happening in the last two weeks. This week really isn’t much of a drop off, check it out under the cut. Continue reading

Rundown: NX35 Saturday & Sunday

12 Mar

This may be the longest yet. In fact holy fuck I can’t believe I did this as a combo. Continue reading

Rundown: NX35 Friday

11 Mar

This is also going to be long. Continue reading

Rundown: NX35 Thursday edition

10 Mar

This is going to be long. Continue reading