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Track of the Day: St. Vincent–Marrow

25 Feb

I was listening to St. Vincent on NPR’s World Cafe and, well, this song chose itself, really. “Marrow” is one of my favorite songs from Actor. Annie Clark is a little slice of heaven.


Breakdown: The music of Annie Clark

5 May

I remember very clearly the day I found out about St. Vincent, I was wasting away some late night, after spending too much time, and money in some bar in Houston, sitting around my place having a beer while screwing around online looking for new music, the whole time trying to calculate the amount of sleep I could get before having to be at work at 3, when I saw a photo of a girl sitting amongst foliage looking off in the distance. Ok, usual photo for a musician, depth is added by not having them acknowledge their surroundings, the usual fair you see in a promo photo.

Then I noticed that the girl was from Dallas, and at the time I was foolishly homesick for the town (I hadn’t been there in almost a year at the time) so clicked the first song, “What Me Worry?”, not really sure what to expect. Continue reading