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Musical Skeletons: Milli Vanilli

11 Oct

I’ve thought about starting this feature for a while. But I kept putting it off. And not necessarily because I’d be embarrassed. The thought of public humiliation grows less scary the older I get. But bringing light to my checkered past as a music fan might call my judgment into question. Then again, music blogging, and music journalism in general (and one might even go so far as to say journalism in general), is a joke to a lot of people right now. And taste is, by definition, a subjective thing. So I really have nothing to lose.

Every month or so … or just whenever I feel like it … I’m going to write about an awful band or artist I loved as a kid and post a video or two, to make clear how truly bad the music is. Now, I enjoyed good music as well. But I still talk about that stuff. And how can I make fun of it if it’s good?

My first choice is also the one that I’m probably the most ashamed of: Milli Vanilli. Continue reading