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Rundown: 8/23/10

23 Aug

At 12:18 p.m. today, WeShotJR posted a note telling readers that they’ll be throwing in the towel in October, after almost five years of music coverage. Love them or hate them, WeShotJR has played a pivotal role in the local music scene. They promote the bands they love, they trash the bands they hate, and sometimes they trash bands they used to love. They are experts at stirring up controversy, getting attention and intelligently arguing with their detractors. And they do it all unapologetically. Sure, a lot of people (ourselves included) take issue with their choice of anonymity. But it was their choice and they boldly defended it (albeit on the Internet, under assumed names).

A lot of brilliant writing has come from those “unknown” bloggers, especially Stoned Ranger and Defensive Listening, which is something I’ve missed recently. I’ve been reading WeShotJR almost since the beginning and I even wrote for them once, under my own name. But as people move on and form new projects, the old ones sometimes die. It’s too soon to tell which blog, or blogs, will rise to the occasion and fill the hole that WeShot will surely leave behind (Maybe it will be us? I hope it’s us.). But I, for one, have to admit that I will miss them. – Jess

I agree with most of what Jesseca has said, but I feel the need to throw my own 2 cents in. I’m the first to admit that this blog exists because of sites like We Shot. I started this site as a means to voice an opinion, and when doing so I looked at what was around and decided if I was going to do it I needed to do it my own way, but there was an outline I wanted to follow 1. I didn’t want to whore out to PR firms for a quick hit, 2. I did not want to be ad driven, 3. I wanted write about what I wanted, and 4. I’d rather be on the outside, than be a cog on the inside. We Shot JR was all of that and then some.

Did I have issues with how the site is sometimes operated? Yeah, a lot of us did, but it was when they would deservedly take people to task (like this recent piece on the idiotic Houston Press/DO fight in which We Shot gave a completely accurate description of  the Houston scene; FYI if it wasn’t for Denton, Houston would completely trounce DdFW in almost every category that matters, and Houston has the Free Press to thank for that)  we were reminded once again that we need someone to stand outside and voice an opinion they didn’t have to clear first.

Honestly I think things are going to be worse off without them, but in time hopefully something will fill the void. – J

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Track of the Day–Jellyfish “The Ghost at Number One”

23 Aug

Occasionally, I find myself faced with the challenge of defending some of my more “eccentric” choices in bands and artists. I’m sure many of you face that same situation.

Jellyfish are a band that I find myself often defending to people–sometimes to the point of futility. It used to bother me that some people just don’t seem to get them, but now I’m simply unapologetic about my love for the band.

It’s amazing that a group with so much talent only managed to stay together for two albums–albeit the second was without the original guitarist (Jason Falkner, one of my favorite musicians of all time) or the original bass player (Chris Manning).

It’s also amazing that those two records full of perfectly crafted pop have managed to stay so relatively under the radar since they were released in the ’90s.

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