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Rundown: 8/3/10

3 Aug

Nerfbau / Take Up Serpents / RUN DMT / Tonstartsbandht / Vulgar Fashion @ Majestic Dwelling of Doom

Curley’s Birthday featuring: The Von EhricsSkunk ApeHood Rat @ RGRS

Announcement/This is Awesome: Mates of State cover The Replacements’ “I Will Dare” we plan on doing an all video covers record

3 Aug

For sometime now the folks over at the A.V. Club have brought bands into their office space to cover the songs of yesteryear (highlights include an absolutely amazing Wye Oak cover of the Kinks, and Ben Folds covering his old tour-mate Elliott Smith) in an effort to give bands the opportunity to throw their spin on some great tracks. Well, we’ve long been fans of the concept, and we’ve even contemplated doing something of the like on our own, and it seems our chance has come. Awhile back I made an off-handed comment about how awesome the Batman Forever soundtrack was on a certain social networking site, which led to an onslaught of local musicians commenting about how they agreed with the sentiment. So a brainstorming session occurred and Jon McKnight, of Young & Brave, and I decided we should put together videos of people covering the tracks of their choice from the soundtrack. In other words, in a few weeks we will be announcing the first band to participate in this little escapade and we’d love it if some of you joined us in the fun.

Oh, as for the Av Club, check this out:
Mates Of State cover The Replacements

Track of the Day: Of Montreal and Solange Knowles perform “Sex Karma” on Late Night

3 Aug

I was fortunate enough to catch this little gem live the other night as I walked into my house to find that I had absentmindedly left my TV on. Honestly, I’m glad I did as this was one of the better performances I’ve seen on late night TV in sometime.

(Big thanks to Jesseca for tracking this down.)