Rundown: 6/7 to 6/13

7 Jun

Well we haven’t gotten one of these up in a couple of weeks, mainly do to being insanely busy with jobs and other projects. We’re sorry. Anyway, it’s a borderline insane week of music. Check it out after the cut.


The Hand Combine / Young and Brave / Ryan Thomas Becker / Sarah Renfro @ The Schoolhouse

Ladies and Gentlemen of Denton, please take the time to make it to the Schoolhouse to welcome back The Hand Combine, and sweat, god lord, sweat.

Neil Young @ The Meyerson

No explanation needed.


MGMT @ House of Blues

God this band is boring.


LCD Soundsystem / Holy Ghost @ the Palladium

I have had This Is Happening in my car’s CD player for almost three months now and I haven’t gotten bored with the album yet. Really, this is going to be one of the better shows Dallas gets this summer. You should do your best to catch it.


Woodsman / Shellshag / Tjutjuna @ The Cavern


Record Hop / The Gary / Deep Snapper @ Dan’s

Killer x2


Giggle Party’s Going Away Party @ The Handsome Kitten

There are a ton of other shows this friday that merit a mention, and honestly we should be covering them, but when a band you genuinely care about plays their last show in the area we feel that we should say as much about it as possible. I contacted Giggle Party for an interview in March of last year mainly because I knew I was going to catch Man Man, and mostly because a cursory listen of the band’s work caught my interest. From there I found myself attending many a show with and featuring Giggle Party, along with collaborating on various shows and projects with the band (which in one case led to a night I have absolutely no recollection of) that were always fun.

In recent weeks I’ve been compiling footage of the band’s performances, and along with interviews with fans of the band, we plan on releasing a little retrospective of the band’s time here in DFW, so we can all remember that cupcakes + music= fun

Here Holy Spain, Young and Brave, and Backflap play in support.


//TENSE// / Corporate Park / Vulgar Fashion / Tommyboy / DJG @ Rubber Gloves

Little Black Dress / Magnet School / Til We’re Blue Or Destroy @Double Wide

Yells at Eels @ The Tex Gallery (inside the Kessler)


Hopefully the NBA Finals are still going.

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  1. Kat June 8, 2010 at 2:48 pm #

    You can download the “mixtape” I made to say goodbye to Dallas here:

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