Track of the Weekend: Brutal Juice–Ugly On the Inside

28 May

I wanted to focus on Brutal Juice for this weekend’s TOW because they are one of Denton’s finest bands. Since a recorded performance doesn’t come close to seeing them live anyway, I went with this clip from 120 Minutes, which is a bit corny (mostly due to Stabbing Westward’s intro) and a great example of a low-budget 90s music video.

Seeing a young Brutal Juice, before tragic break-up and miraculous reunion(s), along with hearing stories about their wild performances, makes me wish I had been in Denton when they first arose. Granted, I was in elementary school at the time and not allowed to go to concerts, but I digress …

Anyway, without further ado, I give you the 1995 MTV premiere/only airing of Brutal Juice’s “Ugly On the Inside”:

Verdict: It’s not easy to make a song that is both catchy and mosh-worthy (people still mosh, right?), but the guys in Brutal Juice are masters at it.

Brutal Juice plays tonight at Dan’s with support from Baboon and Record Hop. The show starts at 8 and it’s 15 bucks at the door (assuming it doesn’t sell out). Earplugs are highly recommended.

One Response to “Track of the Weekend: Brutal Juice–Ugly On the Inside”

  1. Art Ebie May 28, 2010 at 11:24 am #

    aka “The Vaginals”

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