Month of List(s): My 5 Favorite Compilations This Decade

9 Dec

I suffer from a form of musical ADD which causes me to constantly surf the radio/make playlists/change CD’s in the car/buy an iPod shuffle. Now that’s not saying I’m against relaxing and listening to a whole album. Hell I do it all the time. It just means at times I need the variety of a different artist, or style, popping up every few minutes. So with that, and parties, in mind I find myself often searching through the record bins for compilations from record companies, multimedia artists and musicians who just want to team up. What follows is what I think are the 5 best to be put out this decade.

5. Pop Life Sucks

This album begs to be tossed on during a house party and left alone, as it snakes its way through three decades’ worth of danceable radio pop, playing everything from Aphex Twin to The Time. Catchy, bouncy and guaranteed to get people dancing–it’s a must have for any self-respecting party host.

The Time- Jungle Love

4. Grand Theft Auto IV Soundtrack

Leave it to a video game to slap together a soundtrack that almost hits 200 songs and features the likes of !!!, The O’Jays, Lil Wayne and Philip Glass. Though not a gamer, I can fully get behind such eclectic taste, as the soundtrack jumps from song to song like a skipping record needle. Also it kinda made my mind explode.

Justice- Waters of Nazareth

3. Dark Was the Night

The Red Hot Organization‘s continued release of charitable compilations has given us quite a bit of excellent material, but nothing has come close to the “indie” extravaganza they released this year. Produced by members of The National and featuring a who’s who of indie heavyweights, “DWN” has been hailed as a shining beacon of creativity for this generation, and one hopes we follow the light towards the future.

Grizzly Bear & Feist- Service Bell

2. Dark Night of the Soul

Though currently unreleased, the Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse collaboration made its way onto the internet and delivered on its promise of being one of the biggest, and most bizarre, things ever conceived. It’s a surreal piece of art that haunts the listener for days on end. It’s a shame it might never receive the wide release it deserves.

Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse featuring Wayne Coyne- Revenge

1. After Dark

A bonafied electroclash masterpiece, the Italians Do It Better label’s compilation hit the word like a hurricane rushing us towards a world of sample laden glitch pop and italla-disco. With bands like Glass Candy and Chromatics leading the way, the album leaves you in a dance-fueled haze punctuated by an ecstatic set of covers.

Glass Candy- Computer Love

One Response to “Month of List(s): My 5 Favorite Compilations This Decade”

  1. pathbend December 12, 2009 at 1:47 pm #

    Well I didn’t learn shit. What kind of HDB blog is this anyway. Who cares about Music? Also, I agree about the Dark was the knight album, though it conspicuously lacked batman, it was, well fun-fun-fun-fest in an album.

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