The Week in Music & Video: 10/26 to 11/1

29 Oct

No intro this week, just music. Enjoy.


Why?- January Twenty Something

Ever notice how much these guys sound like They Might Be Giants?


Sea Wolf- The Violet Hour

Ladies and Gentlemen, yet another song from the New Moon soundtrack.


Islands- Switch On

Be Your Own Pet- Becky

Fun Jemima Pearl story, back in the summer of ’07 I was living in Houston, and working as a cook in a restaurant, when one of the older guys there (I was 22, he was 23) decided he would pop my strip club cherry by taking me to happy hour. Well after a few hours of feeling like a slimeball, my friend and I talked my coworker into blowing out of the club, and scoring some blow. Realizing that we were less then three blocks from a local club we walked over to discover Be Your Own Pet was headlining, in between key bumps we managed to pay our 5 bucks. make our way upstairs, find a booth, and get a tab open. My co-worker being completely out of his element, and high out of his mind decide to flow with the night, which lead to him dancing around to “Becky” with a Corona and asking girls “Hey are you into Zep?” Needless to say I haven’t done coke since.

Drive By Truckers- The Day John Henry Died

Telegraph Canyon- Welcome to the Night


Leon Russell- I’m so lonesome, I could cry

Wolfmother- Cosmic Egg

R Kelly- Ignition (Remix)

What is there left to say about R Kelly?


Peaches- Fuck The Pain Away

Fun story #2 I attended a party back in the spring where I watched two affliction clad bro dudes exchange verses of “Fuck The Pain  Away” while doing keg stands. I blame Mean Girls for this.

Butthole Surfers- Alcohol

The Pogues- The Sick Bed of Cuchuliann


White Denim- Sex Prayer

Au Reviour Simone- Another Likely Story ( Neon Indian Remix)

I believe this excellent remix was the sole work of Alan Polamo, not sure why the Neon Indian moniker was attached, but it’s a hell of a remix.

One Response to “The Week in Music & Video: 10/26 to 11/1”

  1. benjamin October 29, 2009 at 11:03 pm #

    I never understood what Thurston Moore saw in BYOP…and I have R.Kelly’s 12 play in my car cd player as we speak.

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