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Neil “Fucking” Diamond

22 Oct

and of course this.

Review: The Naptime Shake

22 Oct


by Melissa Crowe

The Naptime Shake’s new album, Blood and Panic, entertains thoughts of olden days. It’s not worn out Soggy Bottom-style — unless your bottom gets soggy at the mention of lap steel, a horn section and kazoos. Blood and Panic lingers around the tune of some great errr- (forgive me) neo-Western jam bands.

Noah Bailey’s voice envokes some hint of The Doobie Brothers cross-bred with Jeff Tweedy throughout the album. It would be interesting to calculate the beard-twang coefficient… Any takers?

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The week in Music & Video: 10/19 to 10/25

22 Oct

Do the Black Eyed Peas actually make music, or do they just film commercials, and compose some random music to fill out the other 2:35? Their current Direct TV commercial takes a random part of their latest video, and proceeds to have Will.I.AM & The girl who voiced Lucy sell you on the service. Now, this is nothing new, in fact it’s a move Direct TV has done this same thing with scenes from TV shows, and movies for well over a year, but it’s a bit odd they decided to go with that video. Usually the ads are made from scenes that range from iconic to immediately recognizable, which the BEP video is far from. Hell I can’t even tell you what channel shows music videos,which makes the fact this video was turned into a commercial that more confusing.

Seriously the state of music these days can at times be disheartening, you have pop songs made to sell bubble gum snatched up an used to play in a wedding procession, despite the fact that the artist behind the song was convicted of assault. Rappers are more concerned about selling ring tones the albums, and every pop singer has a signature line of merchandise that coordinates with their movie/tv show/toy line. All this does is further show that some bands are less about doing something creative, and more about marketing.

Of course Direct TV followed this with an ad where David Spade pisses all over Chris Farley’s grave, so really I don’t know why I’m complaining. Click below for music and videos.

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