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Rundown: 10/19 to 10/25

20 Oct

My father used to repeatedly tell me “Love Sports, hate Fans.” I never quite knew what it meant, till I reached my 20’s and started to notice the irrational behavior of some people when it comes to supporting their team. For instance, fights routinely break out during large college football rivalry games, Dallas supports 2 FM sports talk stations (both of whom’s phone lines are packed with callers wanting to talk about the Cowboys, even in May), and’s number 1 writer writes 80% of his columns on just one team, yet manages to be one of the most read people in the country. It’s nuts, and it doesn’t just happen in sports.

This website has been filled with traffic due to me posting just three tracks from the New Moon soundtrack, and even though my accompanying piece trashed it as something corporate, and corrupt, the people keep coming back. I find this mind blowing. I also find it mind blowing that people exist out there who refer to a musician simply as “Dave” despite the fact that 98% of them have never been within 15 ft of the guy. I guess it’s all about how much you get wrapped up in things.

Anyway, big week round these parts, including a split bill that’s going to be “fan” heavy, take a look after the jump. Continue reading

Lord this is getting a little out of control

20 Oct