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Review: Daniel Folmer – Dead End

16 Oct

Daniel Folmer’s latest album, Dead End, produced with Gutterth Records, maintains the artist’s lo-fi ballads that we can’t stay away from.

The album’s official release party is this Saturday at J&J’s Pizza on the Square, but you can stream tracks from right here! He’ll be playing with Dust Congress, Glen Farris, and Sabra Laval.

As expected from previous albums, Folmer takes control of nearly every sound: voice, guitar, bass, piano, synthesizer. The diversity of his talent is impressive throughout his discography and this album is no exception.

The title track, “Dead End” starts off with a dreary, melancholy cadence and plinking piano notes reminiscent of an empty Western bar. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Something about this album starts a little apathetic — but go figure, it’s called Dead End — and sometimes we all need a little apathy. Continue reading