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Animal Collective to reissue Campfire Songs

6 Oct

News just hit my inbox that Brooklyn world beaters Animal Collective would be reissuing 2003’s Campfire Songs on their own label,Paw Tracks. Seems the CD recently went out of print, and the band plans to keep the album in print as long as possible.

No word yet on a new album, but hey it’s something.

New Fightened Rabbit tracks hit the web.

6 Oct

The Onion’s Av Club, and Pitchfork both have post sending people over to Frightened Rabbit’s page over at Fat Cat records where a pair of new tracks from their upcoming album is streaming. We here at DayBowBow are very much for this band, mainly due to the amazing hold they place over women. True story when they played Hailey’s last year a group if about 40 girls stood directly in front of the stage singing along to every song, never missing a lyric.

Even Michael David Barrett could have gotten some action in that room.

Rundown: 10/5 to 10/11

6 Oct

Writing these things are a trial when you’re massively hungover, and have a lunch meeting, hence this being a day late.

You learn things from simple conversations, and just being out around town. Like what local bands gravitate to what shows, what styles rule those shows, and that beers that end in “bock”, and whiskey rule all.

Anyway big week, we’ve got a show and a review, or two coming feel free to take a look.

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