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Why you should maybe make it to Grapevine this Saturday

25 Sep

I was trying to decided the best way to describe Mount Righteous’ new EP Open Your Mouth, and the best idea I could come up with was to make a quick list.

Take a quick look at this.

  • Trombone
  • Piccolo
  • Trumpet
  • Snare
  • Accordion
  • Bass Drum
  • Bells
  • Melodica
  • Sousaphone
  • Cymbals

It’s like a polka band on crack, and it’s amazing. Really, I mean it, this EP is 5 songs of pure undiluted joy put in CD form.

Lacking any guitar, or bass the innovative EP features songs that  jump around enthusiastically citing  subject manner as esoteric as forming a band, to the elation over the freedom a vehicle gives you. I compare the experience of listening to this to my first listening of  Architecture in Helsinki’s In Case We Die, fun, load, and causing the windows to be down in my car.

You should Attempt to make it out to Zuroma’s in Grapevine to pick this up (I heard rumors it comes with a free pin, and stickers galore), and catch quality music from Hard Times, The County Lines and The English  Ram-a-Band.

Monotonix: What you see (on Youtube) is what you get.

25 Sep

For relentlessly  touring for so long, Monotonix is never short on energy. However, their shenanigans are… to say the least… the same old song and dance.

After scraping together the steep $15 cover Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios charged and managing not to catch H1N1 at a time like this, I thought surely we’d be in for a surprise. A reward of sorts. A good drink special, perhaps?

By the look of all the sweaty hair and the smell of B.O. wafting through the 250 occupancy room, clearly the crowd enjoyed itself. If they remember from the NX35 show in March at Hailey’s, I’m almost 100 percent positive the band opened with the same song (“Ride“) and come to think of it, the entire set seemed a little too familiar.

Monotonix is a fun band. Three guys tired of the Tel Aviv police busting up their shows came to the States, figured out a routine that worked, and consequently, stuck to it… Almost religiously.

Their music is nothing short of shocking — think 80s metal crossed with Satan and full moons (of the ass variety). However, Monotonix is a show band. Sound last night: Not so good. But I suppose you don’t go to Rubber Gloves expecting album-quality balance. And really, who was listening anyway?

I’d say Monotonix like having sex with a Prince Albert-donning, tattoo-riddled guy: Fun for one night, but afterwards it’s kind of like — okay, been there, done that.

Would I see them again? Probably not. But if you haven’t seen them before, it’s definitely a good time… Monotonix is booked at Emo’s in Austin tonight.

(video taken from the Gutterth youtube page.)

The Low Anthem & Noah and The Whale do The Beatles

24 Sep

Offering a free compilation of songs is a frequent sales gimmick of many a music magazine these days, the thought being not only do readers get to learn of new bands by reading, they also get a sampling of many of the bands. Well it seems this is the year of covers with Spin offering a Purple Rain cover album for free, and Mojo offering on of Abby Road. Now, the less said about the Purple Rain covers the better (it should be known that I am an insane Prince fan), but the Abby Road disc offered a very interesting take from band that will be making it through the area very soon. Continue reading

Monsters Of Folk

23 Sep

Hat tip to Stereogum.

The Week In Music & Videos: 9/21 to 9/27

22 Sep

I love music, you love music
If we didn’t listen to music, we’d be lame.

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Rundown:9/21 to 9/27

21 Sep

So it seems some people thought my little piece on the Drew Barrymore movie, and the ensuing chaos was rather, off balanced. Well the emails, comments, and messages have been pouring in letting me know just how terrible of a person I am.

Being the fair and balanced person that I consider myself, I’ve decided to post the harshest of the comments, in order to let the dissenting voices be heard. I also kinda decided to FJM it.

Whoever wrote this seriously needs to break out the old “English for Writers” that any first year college student has collecting dust on the shelf. Your grammar is so bad it make me cringe.

We’re starting strong here folks, the writer of this comment comes right at me by attacking my writing with a simple suggestion that I pick up a “how to” book that 18 year old with writing aspirations all around the world already have, and taking a dig at my grammar. I personally like it, it’s biting in all the right ways, and is capable of immediately discrediting me as a writer (what little credit I have), though to be honest our editor at large Sean was busy, and the piece was written at 1 a.m. after a long day at work. I was just in no mood to sit down and tear it apart. Let’s see what he/she follows up with.

Also, I think you are a damn liar about saying you were a med student to get your phone in.

Here’s a classic case of some one just not reading close enough. I wrote quite clearly that I was not actually a med student on call, and was just abusing the opportunities afforded to those in the medical field.

Maybe you got past the metal detector but why hide it from the metal detector if you were allowed in for being a medical student. First off, having been to other pre-screenings, I don’t think they would let you in. They would tell you if you are on call that’s too bad. GO HOME! Secondly, if you were a medical student you would have to provide identification to prove as much, which by your own admission you would not have.

Still not reading close enough, and throwing what seems to be prior knowledge about pre-screenings out to prove their point. This is where I point out this comment came from an @yahoo mail address, and to be brutally honest, who the fuck still uses @yahoo? I mean gmail is wonderful, so wonderful you can host company email addresses on it and not miss a beat. The only people still using @yahoo are people over 40, people destined to end up on To Catch a Predator, clueless 13 year olds, and it seems angry Derby fans.
Furthermore,. I would love to meet the jerk that admits to jumping in line (which you also probably didn’t have the nuts to do) and posts it online.


Also, just so it’s on record, I absolutely love nuts. Seriously almonds are delicious, I go through a bag like once every two weeks….Oh, wait he/she was referring to my testicles. Why is it when we question someones fortitude we constantly refer to their testicles? I thought Roller Derby was all about 4th wave feminism? Way to under mind it all by setting your paradigm of toughness to male.

If the derby girls are as crazy as you say they are, I would fear for my life and those tiny nuts of yours.

Again with the nuts. And, I didn’t actually say that derby girls were nuts, that’s just an inference made by this commenter, further proving that some people are just a tad to overprotective about some things. Case in point, during the Q&A an attendee asked Ms. Barrymore why she choose to feature so many illegal moves, which blew my mind. It was a movie, it was supposed to be larger than life, and a bit cartoonish, as a director Ms. Barrymore was allowed creative license to make the film entertaining. Shit’s not a documentary.

What kind of jerk talks about a girl spilling her guts to the crowd of people about her dreadful disease like it was something that bored him or disgusted him?

This is what I take the most issue with, how does one properly convey the emotion floating through the theater with out it becoming tiresome and rote? I choose to keep it short, and balance it out with a bit of humor. the commenter obviously was too busy being offended to catch it.

The person that wrote this is not only a lazy and bad writer but a crappy person. I hope that we meet in person someday so I can give you the ass kicking your mother OBVIOUSLY neglected to give you.

Admittedly, I am a pretty lazy and bad writer, never pretended to be anything other than that. The real fun part here is threat of physical violence, and the accusation that my mother never properly beat me, I’ll have you know they’re right, my mother never properly beat me.

If I miss you in this life, I will catch up with you in hell and make the trip worth your while.

Damn, whoever this is gonna make sure they get me, even if it’s in the after life. Maybe I should make it easier on them. My address is 742 Evergreen Terrace.

“English Handbook for Writers”! Look it up! Get the latest edition. YOU NEED IT! PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD.

Got ya!

I’ll do you the favor of not proofreading my post. Maybe you can find some errors if you are not too retarded.

Now that’s just offensive, and I found that one.

It will be good practice for you. If you can’t find the few I left for you, I suggest a revisit to high school English.

As a sub? To pick up girls, by using my @yahoo address?


Are you female? I mean, I’d maybe consider it, you do seem quite fiery.

So to sum it up, was it a a regrettable piece of writing? Yeah a bit. I cut it down from 3000 words to just over 1500, and it is rather poorly written, and could have used another draft and some editing, but I was drunk, my editor was bus, and I had work the next day. Are people massively overreacting? Very much so, but that’s what happens when people care a little too much for things, they go over board.

One thing before we move on, I thought the movie over, and it’s kind of terrible. Imagine the Princess Diaries meets The Bad News Bears remake.

Anyway folks, we’ve got one hell of a week coming up,so  let’s get to the shows.

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Up before 2 on a Saturday? …What for?

19 Sep

Texas’ only film festival, Thin Line Film Fest, is giving a little taste of what’s to come in February for its three-year anniversary.

I biked over to the Fine Arts Center on the Denton Square this morning (before 10 AM!!) for a screening of Nuremberg, a 1946  documentary about the Nazi Nuremberg trials directed by Pare Lorentz. There’s really nothing like waking up to crimes against humanity on a Saturday morning. Though this documentary had a pretty sparse audience (maybe 20 people) I imagine Denton has recovered from last night. I expect the turnout to definitely pick up as the day goes on.

The mini festival includes eight documentaries, six of which cover environmental and conservation issues from the 1930s to present day. Admission is $2 or three canned food items per session. It’s about 1:15 now, so if you hurry to to the Square, you can catch session 2 featuring The Plow that Broke the Plains, a 1936 Lorentz documentary, and America’s Lost Landscape : The Tallgrass Prairie, a 1936 documentary directed by David O’Shields.

Also playing is The River, a 1930 documentary by Lorentz, and Burning the Future: Coal in America, directed by David Novac and winner of the International Documentary Association Grant in 2008 during session three at 4:30 p.m.and Oil on Ice, directd by Dale Djerassi & Bo Boudart in 2004 and Garbage Warrior, directed by Oliver Hodge in 2008 for the final session starting at 8 p.m.