The Most Serene Republic has their gear stolen

28 Sep

It’s a shame when bands lose their gear, it leads to canceled shows, disappointed fans, and terrible delays. So, I was sad to see this in my  mail box, and I figured the best I could do was pass it along.

The Most Serene Republic had an ample amount of gear stolen last night after their show at the Biltmore in Vancouver. We have included a list of what was taken along with as much information about the items as possible. Please pass this information along to anyone who you might think could be of assistance. Contact if you have any info.

Thank you.

Make: Washburn Acoustic (Natural Finish)
Model: D112
Serial #: 86028
Notes: Not original headstock, screw markings

Make: Wasburn Acoustic (blue glossy finish)
Model: EA16MBL
Notes: Small paint chip near end pin

Make: Gibson 335 (white w/ gold binding)
Model: E335 Diamond Cut
Serial #: 0-1387722
Notes: Gold Hardware

Make: King Trombone
Model: Jiggs Whigham 2102L
Serial #: 932731
Notes: Dents on Bell of Trombone. Trombone case is labeled TMSR

Make: Fender Telecaster (yellow)
Model: HWY-1
Serial #: Z4209214
Notes: Paint chips all over guitar

Make: Garrison Acoustic (black)
Model: AGSP-1-BK
Serial #: S06120550
Notes: Thin body acoustic

Make: Audio Tech Pedal Board
Notes: approx: 16”x12

Make: Boss Tuning Pedal (white w/ orange writing)
Model: Tu-2

Make: Boss Delay Pedal (white w/ blue writing)
Model: DD-6

Make: Boss Delay Pedal (white w/ blue writing)
Model: DD-6

Make: Boss Distortion Pedal (yellow w/ black writing)
Model: SD – 1

Make: Radial D.I. (green)

Make: Washburn flight case for fender Telecaster
Notes: Silver case painted w/ TMSR

Make: Gator 335 Flight Case
Notes: Painted w/ TMSR

This is a shame, and hopefully the gear can be recovered. The video below is from much brighter times.

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