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Sunday Morning Coming Down: I was wrong

27 Sep

Every Sunday we’re going to have a long form multi-part article which investigates some odd piece of culture that’s been bothering one of us. this is of course one of those.

You may have noticed that this didn’t run last week, and to be honest it was due to a hangover.

I was wrong. Good god was I ever wrong. Diablo Cody is not covertly subverting genres, and turning preconceived notions on their head, no she’s simply tossing painful slang into weak stories, and laughing all the way to the bank. Fuck I can’t believe I paid money to see Juno again, and then paid to see Jennifer’s Body. I hate the vapidness of the films, I hated the painful slang, I hated “Megan Fox’s cold dead eyes, I now hate any performance by Ellen Page that doesn’t involve killing Patrick Wilson, or the Juggernaut. I just simply hate it all.

Sometimes you try to find something to write about, and you mistakenly fall for an idea you think is great, instead of one you know is great, and this was one of those. Sorry folks, the next round will be better.