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Derby Girls, Drew Barrymore, a movie preview and quite a bit of booze.

18 Sep

To be blatantly honest, till this year my experience with Roller Derby stemmed from once seeing an ad for a documentary called Hell on Wheels, and having to wait an extra 20 minutes for a bus twice monthly in Houston, because they caused a traffic jam on my street. That being said, I guess you could say all I knew was the sport was made up of fishnet adorned tattoo enthusiasts, who, though they appealed to the same side of me that once walked around with blue hair, and enjoys listening to The Germs (this is also the same side of me that shows up on Facebook covered in cupcake icing, and chugging 40’s), kind of scared the hell out of me.

So, when our photography intern Katie, asked me if I was interested in covering a bout, for free, I jumped at the chance. Our editor Sean decided to tag along and off we went to North Richland Hills to watch 4 teams of girls skate, fight, booze and push merch like they were Good Ole Gil selling a car. What we learned was the beer was cheap, the music not so great, the atmosphere circus like, and the girls determined. We left, I wrote, my laptop died a terrible death, and the article never got published. Continue reading