Thoughts on Fun Fun Fun Fest

17 Sep

(ed. This was written by one of our new writers, Paula Anne Anicite, she does’t have an account set up yet so I posted it for her.)

Fun Fun Fun Fest has been gathering momentum since 2006, so this year’s Fest definitely promises to be something spectacular. The lineup is something to drool over, it has something for everyone.  Like Jap rock?  For you, there’s Shonen Knife and Melt Banana.  Into rap ’til the day you die?  I got one word for you: GZA.  Here’s another: Pharcyde.  Post Punk fanatic?  Mission of Burma is coming out of the woodworks for this festival, among others.  Crystal Castles are back in Austin–they blew the night scene out the water when they played SXSW a couple years ago.  They’re a real party.

Who am I kidding?  This whole festival’s going to be one huge party.  It’s in November, so we all have plenty of time to make travel plans, tell the boss ahead of time, and make it the hell over to Austin.

For those of us who don’t know, Fun Fun Fun Fest was created by “people in the music scene, that are in it everyday” and are fueled by the DIY attitude that a real love for music instills in creative, motivated people.  Thank God there are still some of us up there in the higher levels of Music Industry Hierarchy.  A lot of people in the industry these days are so wrapped up in tabloid reviews, looking hip, copyrights, starting trends, gettin’ rich and spendin’ it quick, the true spirit of DIY + music + people having fun gets overshadowed so fast; people don’t realize it’s missing.  Consider FFFFest a bright light in the cookie cutter music world, a wake-up call, some sort of revival, a defibrillator to the music scene.

Shonen Knife- Cycling is fun

Melt Banana- We Will Rock You (Queen cover)

Gza feat. RZA- Life is a movie

Pharcyde- Drop

Mission of Burma- That’s When I Reach for My Revolver

Crystal Castles- Crimewave (LAZertag Hard mix)

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  1. Clyde Riley November 19, 2009 at 11:32 pm #

    I just tried to subscribe to your RSS feed, but it gave me an error. Just wanted to let you know.

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