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Hey look we have new writers.

17 Sep

So you might have noticed that the last two post on this web site lacked a certain something (grammatical errors, misspellings, way too many commas), well it’s due to the fact that I had nothing to do with either one. Yes friends after 8 months of me writing/link forwarding/being lazy and putting up videos, two other writers decided to jump aboard the barely floating ship.

I previously spoke of my enthusiasm for Paula Anne Ancite‘s work, when it was first announced she would be joining the site, and today with the publication of her first piece, I feel as if my choice to bring her aboard is vindicated.

You may have noticed that yesterday’s review of the Baruch the Scribe EP was done in a bit of a different style then the usual reviews on the site, that’s thanks to our new contributor Melissa Crowe. Melissa spent the summer interning for the Dallas Observer, and has previously written for both the North Texas Daily, and The Scene. I feel her voice is clear, and her writing strong, so it’s a pleasure to have her contribute.

So, what does all this mean? Well it means we’re going to be adding even more content to the site. We’ll be  raising our daily post number, working on longer pieces, having guest writers, and will cover more events. There are also plans in the works to expand our scope by using different forms of media, all the while continuing to provide you with the content you expect.

Oh, and shows, so many more shows, but I’ll reveal those as I go along.

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Thoughts on Fun Fun Fun Fest

17 Sep

(ed. This was written by one of our new writers, Paula Anne Anicite, she does’t have an account set up yet so I posted it for her.)

Fun Fun Fun Fest has been gathering momentum since 2006, so this year’s Fest definitely promises to be something spectacular. Continue reading