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Rundown: 9/14 to 9/20

14 Sep

True story, back in my younger days I played for a football team that was supposed to be great. And, I do mean great, we were loaded with multiple All-Americans, well there were a few issues, and we found our selves in the midst of a losing streak, so the coaches decided a team building exercise wold be to give us the option to watch two movie before a saturday game, the movies were The Scorpion King, and We Were Soldiers.

Well being the “academic” type(coaches term for someone either forced to play, trying to follow in foot steps, or just there for the college app buffer)  I all but refused to participate. Choosing instead to concentrate on my third reading of the bible that year (I was knee deep in trying to prove god didn’t exist that year, again i was 17.) it was just my luck that one of the coaches caught me outside reading, decided my attitude was bad for choosing to read the Holy Script over watching people die, and ordered me into the room to watch a movie. Being the ADD addled kid I was I chose to bounce between both till they were over.

Anyway, at the end of the films a meeting was called, so the coaches could prob our surely unified minds. When asked what I learned from the films my smirking response was “Not even a ton of explosions can save a movie that prominently features Chris Klien.”

This has nothing to do with music, but I like to think it shows that no matter how great something is supposed to be, one piece can ruin it.


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