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Last Football post this week I swear

11 Sep

Picks for the rest of the games, winners in bold.

Dolphins at Falcons (-4)

Cheifs at Ravens (-13)

Eagles (-2 1/2) at Panthers

Broncos at Bengals (-4 1/2)

Vikings (-4 1/2) at Browns

Jags at Colts (-7 1/2)

49ers at Cards (-6 1/2)

Rams at Hawks (-8 1/2)

Bills at Pats (-11 1/2)   too rich for my blood.

Bolts (-8 1/2) at Raiders

I’m taking the weekend off, see you Monday.

The two worst videos you will ever see

11 Sep

Earlier we posted a rather fantastic video from Denton’s This Old House, now I give you the two worst videos I’ve seen.


Feel free to hate me.

Screw it I’m posting random tracks

11 Sep

Hopefully this makes up for all the football talk.

The Band- The Weight

The Beatles- You’ve got to hide your love away

Emitt Rhodes- Lullabye

Campervan Beathovan- Good Guys and Bad Guys

Arcade Fire- Five Years (David Bowie cover live at 1st Ave.)

Cloud Cult- When Water Comes to Life

Illinois- Bad Day

RJD2- A Beautiful Mind

Video: This Old House- In The Reflection (Flying Canyon Cover)

11 Sep

This noisy little number is from This Old House‘s latest performance at Dan’s Silver Leaf. I’ve seen the band multiple times, and never caught their cover of this song, which if you believe what Singer Ryan McAdams says happened by happenstance.

“We don’t ever know what to say about it, because it was originally just an acoustic song, but we reworked it slightly on this cover.”

I’m kind of glad they did.