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Rundown: 9/8 to 9/13

8 Sep

You know what’s awesome? Putting together a massive show, keeping things semi on track, watching people enjoy themselves, then for some reason deciding to chug multiple bottles of bourbon, and then acting like an idiot. You follow that up by waking up in a strange place, and deciding “Fuck it, it was a great time.”

I don’t remember much of Saturday, what I do comes back in snap shots, like Polaroids of the moment showing me mere bits of what happened. Ces’t la vie, it was all wonderful, no matter how wild it may have gotten.

Anyway, interesting week we’ve got coming up, and you should look for one, maybe two reviews up on the site, along with an announcement, or two. Continue reading

Fight Night Followup interview

8 Sep

Charlie Hunter runs Denton DIY venue The Schoolhouse, along with I ♥ Math Records. On Saturday the Schoolhouse was ground zero for Fight Night, and I decided to ask Charlie exactly what the hell happened.

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