Snap Shot: Young & Brave

4 Sep

(ed. All this week we’re doing band “Snap Shots” of the groups we have performing on Saturday, the 5th. This is one of those.)

I’ve only caught Young & Brave once, and then only in passing, but the general consensus amongst those I frequently talk to, and myself, is they’re pretty damn great. So when the possibility of them playing this show arose, I jumped at the opportunity. In an effort to gain a little insight into one of the most buzzed about local groups, I sent them some questions. Check out their answers after the jump.

What’s the best show you’ve played this year?

YAB: Our CD release show could not have gone better. Dirty Birds and Beaten Sea are good friends of ours and we were thrilled to play with them. We were able to incorporate some of our other friends into our set and it was an all around good time. We will have some videos posted from the show soon!

How did the group come together?

YAB: Matt and Sarah began hashing out some early versions of her songs, and asked me (Jon) to join in on a practice or two.  Soon, we added Ian Mesey on the bass, and after going through a few drummers like we were Spinal Tap, we found our drummer Ramon through some close friends.  He should be due to spontaneously combust into a tiny globule at any show now.

What are ya’lls current goals?

YAB: We’d like to get our CD out to as many people who are willing to listen to it. We are already working on new songs for our next record and are excited about them. We hope people will take notice of our live show because we try to make each individual show a new/different experience.

Let’s say you’re playing a cruise with Giggle Party, disaster happens and the boat goes all Poseidon Adventure, both bands escape and make it to a island. You’re stuck there Lord of the Flies style, but there’s only enough supplies for one band to live. Oh, and there are weapons. Which band survives?

YAB: We are under the impression that Jason (and probably Kat) would live longer than anyone else because rumor has it Jason bought a hatchet… Ian could probably hold his own longer than the rest of us, he actually exercises.

Anything you want the people to know?

YAB: If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make the change. (That is a completely original thought.)
Thanks so much,
Jon, Ramon and the rest of YAB

Young & Brave- Holy Ghost

I’m not gonna lie, I’m excited about these guys.

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