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Snap Shot: The Bad Press

1 Sep

(ed. All this week we’re doing band “Snap Shots” of the groups we have performing on Saturday, the 5th. This is one of those. Oh, and this one was sent to me by Petra Kelly.)

The Bad Press is a band I know almost nothing about, so I’ll let Petra tell you about him.

I spoke with Nicholas Thayer. Maybe you can use any of this.

Nicholas calls his music “drunken country sing-a-longs.” If you listen to such songs such as “The Bastard Express” on his myspace, you’ll understand what he means. Nicholas moved to Denton from Pensacola almost 3 weeks ago, and has played a couple times in the area. Everytime he’s played, a sing-a-long really does break out among the crowd despite the fact that no one has ever heard the songs before. His passion for what he does is moving, and the songs are so good that you actually want to sing along with them.

I can get behind this, make sure to catch The Bad Press at our show on Saturday.

Snap Shot: Yeah Def

1 Sep

(ed. All this week we’re doing band “Snap Shots” of the groups we have performing on Saturday, the 5th. This is one of those.)

DOMA award winner Yeah Def is capping off our show this Saturday bringing his eclectic/electric style to the fold. While discussing the details of the upcoming show I was able to ask him some questions. Continue reading

The Week in Music 8/31 to 9/6

1 Sep


Fruit Bats-Tegucigalpa

Local fans of Fishboy should be all over this track, with it’s poppy melody jaunting to and fro between Tweeness and classic rock esq guitar work. Really it’s a fantastic song and should have you ready to go over to The Loft, or Good records.


Elvis Costello & The Attractions- Watching the Detectives

Anyone else immediately think of the Watchmen when hearing this song?

Elvis Costello- I want you

Elvis at his darkest, this song in down right unnerving.


Wayne “The Train” Hancock- Viper of Melody

You know exactly what you’re getting from Wayne, drinking songs to share with friends.


This Will Destroy You- Burial On The Presidio Banks

I hate it when people label post-rock as boring, or”more of the same” it shows that they’re being lazy by falling back on a tired criticism. I for one tend to enjoy this branch of music, the intricate work always spurning me on to create, as I always tend to have it on in the back ground while working.

This track gives you what you want from the genre, it’s moody, with a steady line that seems to build to chaos with each passing second. Maybe it is “more of the same”, but it’s damn good “more of the same”.