Rundown: 8/31 to 9/6

31 Aug

I am trying to figure out weather or not gambling on the LLWS makes me a bad person. Yes I won, and yes when I made the wager I did so with the caveat that I would donate 10% of any ill gotten means toward my local LL organization. But, I still wagered on the achievements of a group of young men therefore making anything they accomplished cheapened in my eyes. Instead of respecting, and appreciating the feat it would always be that time I won, or lost money on the LLWS.

Though to be honest letting the winnings ride on the Bears pretty much answers that question, and letting it ride again on the Texans proved that it’s really not even a question at this point.

Anyway it’s free week in Denton, and that means shows galore, including a massive show we’re throwing on Saturday. check it out after the jump.


If you’re in Dallas go to the City Tavern for Sleepy Sun, and True Widow.

Denton people should make it to RGRS for the first night of free week that features Bad Sports, Drug Mountain, The Uptown Bums, Fred Xepplin and The Meatles.


I highly recommend you stop bye Good Records for the Fruit Bats in store before their show over at The Loft.


Broke? Go see Nervous Curtains, Florene, Phantastes and Lychgate at RGRS.

Have a little pocket change? The Happy Bulletts are at the Lounge, you should see them.

Living on your parents dime? Go see Elvis Costello.


It’s about to get all Rootsy at RGRS with a stellar line up that features Whiskey Folk Ramblers, The Slow Burners, Delmore Pilcrow, Spooky Folk and Daniel Folmer.


Gutterth‘s night of free week features Sleep Whale, Dust Congress, Geistheistler, New Science Projects and Emil Rapstine.


Jesus i have no explanation for how this show got so out of hand, at first it was going to be a small deal with a only a few bands, and slowly rolled out of control until it became this insane 14 band behemoth. Well it does give me the opportunity to write about the bands involved, and I’ll do just that this week with what we’re going to call “Snap Shots” that will be short looks at the bands involved.

Oh, this is totally free, and starts at 2, you have no excuse not to come bye.


Sleep off that hangover.

One Response to “Rundown: 8/31 to 9/6”

  1. Art Ebie September 3, 2009 at 10:10 am #

    “Busy bodies, very busy, getting nowhere…”

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