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13 Aug

Mike Judge has a place in many heart due to his string of success dating back to Beavis & Butthead, and moving through such cult loved work like Office Space, King of the Hill and Idiocracy. But, to be honest he’s never really had much financial success with his work (unless you count the 768653548 different editions of Office Space on dvd) so you can see why Miramax has been slowly building buzz for his latest film Extract Continue reading

Colin Cowherd is the sports version of Glen Beck, and other thoughts of whimsy

13 Aug

First things first if Josh Hamelton was black he’d be crucified in public, instead of having commentator after commentator backing him up on camera, and nut jobs flooding Deadspin with hate mail. What the fuck is the difference between him, and Strawberry/Gooden other then skin color? Of course this is the country where Micheal Vick goes to jail over dogs, and Colt Brennan transfers to Hawaii after he attempts to rape a girl.

Now back to my original point, Colin Cowherd is the sports version of Glen Beck, calculating to he point of grossness. Cowherd prays upon, to steal his terms, “old sports fan” the guy who’s afraid of all the new fangled, blogs, and fantasy sports, because he doesn’t understand it. So Cowherd feed son this throwing out stereotypes left an right about fat bloggers, and nerdy stat heads, because it’s easy to do so. Beck does the same thing praying on peoples fears of the scary black man.

Of course there are those other times when Glen Beck comes off like the guy who sells you pot who isn’t your regular dealer, he’s a friend of a friend, who you describe to the buddy you browbeat into tagging along as “a little intense”.  Anyway you know the type you get there, and he insist you guys smoke, 30 minutes pass of his cryptic ass talking of trip-hop, till he lights up again forces you to watch weird videos on his computer, and you eventually leave with a mind full terrible darkness.

Truth be told it’s terrible that these two weild so much power, and that they carry enough clout they have people like me sitting here typing out the issue with them.

Fuck it I’m sticking to music.