Rundown:7/20 to 7/26

20 Jul

I can’t believe they’re letting Martellus Bennett host the DOMAs, it’s a slightly worse idea then CGI Guinea Pigs who fight terrorist. Really anyone who has paid attention to this guys exploits on the net over the last year knows that this is a disaster waiting to happen. In fact let’s set some odds for what he might end up doing

Forget he’s only getting to do this because he get’s paid to play a kids game: 1-2

Mispronounce one of the band names:even

Say something incredulous that shows he’s sort of oblivious to the sacrifices of his forebears: 3-1

Unknowingly insult the guy who’s checks allow him to act like an over sized 12 year old with a brand new copy of “The Complete Chappelle’s Show”: 5-1

Insist he be allowed to perform a freestyle/skit: 5-1

Mispronounce two of the band names: 8-1

Rhyme “Romo” with “Homo”…again: 12-1

Have a clue who any of the performers are: 50-1

I know I sound like an ass for this, but as someone of a similar age, and back ground I feel I can say youth is no excuse for ignorance.

Anyway, time to talk music. It’s abit of a calm week, other then the DOMA’s & our show on Tuesday, and the rather awesome show at the Handsome Kitten on Friday.


RTB, Ghostbeard and Anchor in the Valley are at J&J’s playing a show that should be banjotastic. No, really Anchor in the Valley is fantastic, a nice melding of gospel, and folk that local fans of Sarah Jaffe would enjoy.


I’ve never caught the Dirty Birds live, but what I’ve heard in passing has been quite good. We’ve discussed Warbler PL, and Manned Missiles quite a bit on here, and are happy to be doing something that fits into Denton’s summer schedule (i.e. we’re doing this early, so you, and us can all take off to drink to much at the various other places around town.)

Also, the DOMA’s are a hell of an option for you Dallas locked folk/those curious of what a disaster “Marty B” will be.


Fight Bite & Wild in the Streets are at the Cavern.


The O’s are opening up for David Allan Coe at HOB.

Brut Force, Western Giants, Mechanized Audio Command and Geronimo Cadillac are at  The Hydrant.

Starhead, Jenn Gooch, Warren Jackson Hearne and Sabra Laval are invading Dallas with a show over at The Absinthe Lounge.


Parade Of Flesh is throwing a little birthday party over at the Handsome Kitten (which is run by the Giggle Party crew) that features Pterodactyl, Church Of The Snake and the awesomely named When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth. It’s free if you R.s.v.p.
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In Dallas you’ve got Reverend Horton Heat is at the Granada, while Nervous Curtains and Tre Orsi is at the Lounge.

In Denton The Polycorns, Airline and Baruch The Scribe are at RGRS, and Spooky Folk, Young & Brave, The Fox and the Bird and Raymond Cade are at Art 6.


No matter if your mom likes him or not, you need to hold Rod Stewart in high esteem. The man was in the earliest version of The Kinks, played with Mick Fleetwood and Peter Green in a pre Fleetwood Mac band, along with doing seminal work with The Jeff Beck Group, and Faces. Yeah, “Maggie May” is massivly over played, but it still holds it’s own whenever it’s put up against whatever else is playing on the radio at the same time.

3 Responses to “Rundown:7/20 to 7/26”

  1. Kennon Talley July 21, 2009 at 12:28 am #

    The Western Giants gig on Thursday will be a solo acoustic set. It’ll be something fun and different.

  2. SubEx July 21, 2009 at 10:13 am #

    Marty B was rather entertaining at Quick’s awards, albeit only as a presenter of 2 awards. Not sure he has enough in his bag to host the whole shebang, but I’m willing to bet it will be interesting either way.


  3. Art Ebie July 21, 2009 at 5:09 pm #

    You just earned 3 Cool Points for defending Rod. Thank you.

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