Rundown: 7/13 to 7/19

14 Jul

Just got home from seeing Bruno, and there was a certain vignette in the film that struck a chord with me,towards the end of the movie Sacha Baron  Cohen attacks a current American obsession MMA. I fucking hate MMA, something about watching to tweeked out men in short shorts roll around on the ground mounting each other fails to impress me. It feels as if the continued dumbing down of America is at a nadir when any of these events come around, and really nothing about this “sport” could ever touch the cultural impact some boxers had, namely the ground broken by Jack Johnson, Joe Louis and Ali. So, it’s hilarious when British comediene (that’s me trying to be clever) shines a light onto something so deplorable, of course my lack of Affliction t shirts, and energy drinks could be behind this line of thinking.

Anyway, music showcases, EP release shows, and interviews and reviews all await you this week. Enjoy.






Did you know Kim Gordon was born in 1953?


True story, Neil Hamburger was looking for a local magician/comic to open up for him at the Cavern, and I attempted to get on the bill so I could do my best Dennis Leary impression, which includes doing a Bill Hicks routine verbatim. I originally wanted to do a Dane Cook tribute, but Raaaaaaaaaandy! beat me to it.


RTB2 is releasing their latest EP at the Granada when they open up for Grady, and Scott H. Biram. I’ve got it, and plan on giving you all a look at a few tracks later in the week, when I post the interview I did with them, along with some thoughts I had on the album its self.


Speaking of EPs, rumor has it This Old House is going to have their EP for sale when they open for Sarah Jaffe and Matthew & the Arrogant Sea at RGRS. It’s a nice little line up, and one you should definitely check out, I’m looking forward to taking a listen to the EP as well.

RTB2 will be at Hailey’s playing it’s Denton EP release show with Oso Closo, you should bounce between these two shows.

I can’t even try to properly break down the DOMA showcase shows, I can just say it’s $5 for a wristband that gets you into all the venues, you’d be an idiot to pass that up if you’re gonna be in Dallas.


ZOMG super secret show.

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