The Week in Music: 7/7 to 7/12

8 Jul

Man, Starbucks is fucking terrible about their Internet access, if it wasn’t the closest place to work at I’d never go there. Anyways, as usual “Please if you enjoy the music provided make an effort to either go down to your local record shop, or try one of the online retailers (amzon, emusic, itunes) to find the albums for purchase.”


Golden Animals- I’ll Remember You Long

This band travels in the same circles as a lot of current revisionist 60’s pop bands, lots of reverb, lots of grime to their work, and this track is no different, evocative of a dimming summer’s evening, sweat drenched, and tired.


Abe Vigoda- Wild heart

After listening to this track, I can’t help but wish they would put out a split with Ringo Deathstarr, as both bands travel down a path of beautiful noise.


Low- Little Argument With Myself

Far be it for me to advocate the use of any illicit substances, but I feel this band is best listened to in a lamp light soaked room, with a certain haze hanging in the air.


Strange Boys- Heard You Wanna Beat Me Up

So what we have here is a straight forward country rocker, that delves into battling guitars with varying levels of fuzz, and it’s fantastic.

the pAper chAse- We Know Where You Sleep

So every blog in the world either post this track, or “What Will We Do With Your Body” I think that says a lot.

Matthew & the Arrogant Sea- Pretty Purple Top Hat

My friend Anthony thinks this is the best track from their album, I may disagree on that point, but it’s hard to argue that the expansive tone of the track setting a nice precedent for what’s to come.

Fishboy-Minus Two

This is hands down my favorite track from the previous Fishboy album, it’s just a fun little diety about life and the promsies it holds.

Deer Tick- Art Isn’t Real (City of Sin)

Good Country Music made by a Yankee, my father would be pissed.


Matt & Kim- Leasons Learned

So we’re all agreed, we’re gonna dance at this show, right?

Giggle Party- Easter Tree

A fun little dip into Campesinos! territory by a high energy band, that manages genre hop at will.

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