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The Week in Music 6/29 to 7/5

30 Jun

Not alot going on this week, so music is gonna be sparse, try to enjoy what we have.


Wilco- You Never Know

Man there was a bunch of white people at Good Records last night, and I’m not trying to offend by saying that. (ok, maybe a little.)


Patrick Wolf- I just Wasn’t Made For These Times(Beach Boys Cover)

The legions of kids at this show are going to regret this one day, mark my words this look/movement makes the Flock of Seagulls fad look well though out.

Plastiscines- La Rgle Du Jeu

One of my best friends dates a girl from Germany, she’s cute, hip, and an all around vixen. She would eat this shit up, and it annoys me.

I’m not usually this negative, blame the weather.

America FUCK YEAH!

30 Jun