Live Blog: 2009 NBA Draft

25 Jun

Yeah, we’re mainly a music site, but I’m a huge hoops junkie, so tonight our editor Sean, and i are hunkered down in the Office of Doom with a coupled of six packs, and other items to provide you with our thoughts on the NBA Draft as it happens. Please check back for updates, comments, and drunken insight.


Who the hell is Blake Griffin, and where the hell is STEPHAN A. SMITH?


The hell? Preston Jones of just tweeted that MTV is playing music videos, and it’s true! They’re doing a MJ video marathon, back to the draft….And, the Grizzlies take Hasheem Thabeet, who’s wearing some sort of Mylar suit. He’s terrible, no offense, and will be dunked on at will, way to go Grizz, you just drafted the evolutionary Disagna Diop.


Kanye, got drafted over Ricky Rubio? Travesty people, travesty.


Annie are you okay?


VIVA ESPANIA!!!!!!……..Classy Knicks fans are currently chanting “U.S.A! U.S.A! I really want to go to the draft one day, to see this type of rampant idiotic behavior  in person.

Nice to know Wally Z was the first person born in Spain.


Sean “Ricky Rubio is going to cleanse himself in the waters of Lake Minnitonka.”


Me: “Johnny Flynn is definitely getting traded, no question about it”…..Sean: “Unless he also cleanses himself in the waters of Lake Minnitonka.”


Sean is now on suicide watch.


My God the endorsement money Steph Curry just lost, this is insane. What the hell is Don Nelson doing with this? Are, we sure he’s not just getting back at Dell Curry for some past slight? I’m going to look this up.


What a terrible pick by the Knicks, a soft, no defense big man. Don’t they have like 12 of those?

Sean:”Welcome to New York J. Hill, good luck, avoid AROD.”


Demarr Derozan is kinda meh, but the Raptors were hot for him. Brandon Jennings has an awesome haircut, but his Must Improve reads “Decision Making”, also fun to think about he’s lived in Compton, and Italy, now he’s going to reside in Milwaukee.


So my cable went out, then my laptop crashed so we’re playing catch up, and Shaq is giving his condolences to the Jackson family, yeah this is an interesting night, please bare with us.


Obviously if your Dallas yo have to take the 7’1 19 year old who needs loads of improvement, you have to do it.


Turning that 7’1 center into a 22 year old french point guard, who will most likely stay overseas for a few years is soooo much better.


K104, the local hip-hop station in Dallas, is currently passing a microphone around a candlelight vigil, when we turned it on we heard Jermaine Jackson read a press statement while a break beat played.


And, the Knicks just traded for Darko.

On the Darko thing I’m done, nothing is topping that. We’ll miss you, and the ability to joke about you Mike.

One Response to “Live Blog: 2009 NBA Draft”

  1. Andi June 25, 2009 at 6:57 pm #

    This is so nerdy. It’s awesome. Why no mention of Shaq yet? No witty remark? Nothin’?

    And Griffin is a peanut head. So young, too.

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