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Flashback with St. Vincent

18 Jun

I just wanted to post this early recording of a St. Vincent show circa summer 2007 in Denton. This was before Marry Me had hit stores, and word of mouth was strong enough to get her some decent sized crowds. Anyway enjoy, and try to make it down to the Granada tonight for Ms. Clark’s big homecoming show.

St. Vincent live in Denton, Tx 7/6/07

  1. Intro

  2. Jesus Saves, I Spend

  3. Human Racing

  4. Now, Now

  5. Intro to Marry Me

  6. Marry Me

  7. Landmines

  8. Your Lips Are Red

  9. All My Stars Aligned

  10. Bang Bang

  11. Paris is Burning

  12. The Apocalypse Song

  13. Encore Break

  14. What, Me Worry?

  15. Outro