Rundown: 6/15 to 6/21

15 Jun

You know what’s fun to realize? The fact the the Mavericks had two different opportunities to trade Dirk for Kobe, and passed both times. Now this may just be my continued sour grapes over the Harris trade causing me to mention this, or it could be the fact that I continue to watch the Mavs fail while seeing Kobe continually rising to the highest level of success, and it kind of pisses me off.

Though let’s be honest, there’s no way Dallas fans accept Kobe over their beloved blue eye’d German.

Anyway, whe have one hell of a week of music in the metroplex, let’s take a look at the highlights.


Grizzly Bear‘s latest effort has them poised for a The Reminder like breakthrough which would explain why their show at the Granada is already sold out. While being able to appreciate the bands AM Radios esq pop I often find myself floating away from the music during extended listens due to exhaustion, there is only so much lushness one person can take at a given time.

Opener Here We Go Magic is a perfect fit for Grizzly Bear, as their music walks the same line, but with a peppier sensibility that keeps the energy slightly more up.


As an avid fan of anything remotely 60’s pop esq it’s easy to understand why I’m so excited for Camera Obscura‘s show at The Loft. The bands latest effort feels like a continued growth from their breakthrough Underachievers Please Try Harder, an album I actually wore out, proving that not all bands face a difficult path to the future.


Tonight would be a good night for a Scotch as Hailey’s has a trio of acts that lend themselves to contemplation. Sleep Whale has been well documented by the local press, and their Western Vinyl label mates Balmorhea share some of the same sonic aspects while being able to capably genre hop through instrumentalzation. Seattle’s Tiny Vipers is a more then capable headliner whose music fits the early Cat Power mold.


I’ve written quite a bit about Annie Clark, so let’s just say you should be at this show. Openers Pattern is Movement kind of kick some serious ass.


We’re having a little party over at Annex House tonight that features Providence’s Math the Band along with local favorites Fishboy, and DOMA nominees Giggle Party. It should be a high energy affair with an interesting mixture of music that hopefully you come out to experience. The cost is a suggested donation of $5 despite what the posters say, and I’ll have a keg there that will be completely free.


Ear Pwr is simply awesome, as are Adventure and Eat Avery’s Bones. Parade of Flesh, and the Handsome Kitten have themselves one hell of a show.


Fuck Coldplay.

Look out tomorrow for a mp3 heavy post.

2 Responses to “Rundown: 6/15 to 6/21”

  1. pathbend June 17, 2009 at 2:27 pm #

    Yah! Fuck Em!

  2. Sean King June 19, 2009 at 3:45 pm #

    C’mon, JP. You and I both now that Kobe doesn’t win the title with the group of players Dallas has. Erick Dampier does not equal Pau Gasol.

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