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Interview: Sabra Laval

11 Jun

(note: The above video is from Sabra’s performance during this years NX35)

It would be a cliche to lump Sabra Laval in with the hundreds of other female musician’s currently plying their trade in the various venues around the country, mainly due to the fact that the DOMA nominee’s music has an air of positivity not usually found on many of today’s albums. Smokey voiced, and ever elegant Ms. Laval has found herself with a bit of standing amongst the Dallas/Denton/Fort Worth music scene, having played a spot on March’s NX35, and finding herself nominated for best female vocalist in the DOMA‘s despite only being active int he area since last summer. A friend and myself caught up with Sabra after her performance at the Annex House for an interview, that was suppose dot be conducted with a palm reader, but ended up being a free flowing conversation fueled by Tecate, and admiration. Continue reading