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Review: Bonnie “Prince” Billy at The Granada Theater 6/6/09

9 Jun

Note this video is from earlier in his current tour, but is a viable representation of what occurred Saturday night at Granada.

I had planned to write a long form review, but Dc9 beat me to it, so here are some excerpts from my notes.

  • I swear Will Oldham is character of either Suessian, or Cohen proportions.
  • Oldham’s lyrics serve as a tribute to the dysfunctionality of everyday life.
  • Before launching into a Palace song he slyly ask the crowd “What does Dallas rhyme with?”
  • “Silver Threads Among the Gold” just put my friend Jen in tears.
  • Oldham on the passing of Kwai Chang Caine “If I seem distracted, it’s not because of the loss of David Caradine, it’s the thought of someone at such an age practicing auto-erotic asphyxiation, and the hope that once I reach that age I will do the same.”