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Tonight at The Moon in Ft. Worth: Ringo Deathstarr, This Old House, Western Giants and Manned Missiles

5 Jun

I feel as if I haven’t expressed my exuberance for this show in a sufficient manner, so please allow me to say “I’M FUCKING EXCITED ABOUT THIS SHOW.”

Seriously, I love Ringo Deathstarr, their music is what started the whole “Texas Stargaze” genre that I tagged  This Old House with. Both bands’ music is spacious, and low key at the same time, while exploreing sonic territory that is just starting to be touched. Having the two of them on the same bill is a treat.

Western Giants, have been excellent to us, this being our third show with them, and I’ve run out of things to say about Kennon Talley‘s group. Yes they’re excellent, yes their music melds in perfectly with the current crop of Denton groups, but these guys show a potential you don’t normally see in such a young/large group, and it’s a pleasure to be involved with them in this capacity.

Manned Missiles describe themselves as fairly enjoyable, I have a feeling that’s going to turn otu to be an understatement.

So, please if you’re from Ft. Worth, or if you’re not, give this show a chance and come by The Moon for some good music, and a line up I couldn’t be prouder of.