Rundown: 4/20 to 4/26

20 Apr

I’m not one to complain about the opportunity to see some quality live music, but doesn’t it feel like the calender has been rather hectic since NX35? It’s been one big touring act after another, and countless quality local fare almost every night for over a month now. Like I said, far be it for me to complain about actually having things I want to see, especially when there can be some pretty bleak times around these parts, but man I’m fucking broke. Anyway, this week is loaded yet again with quality and quantity, take a look after the cut.


As usual I’m going to mention Paul Slavens, but I’d like to point out that Mike Watt is going to be over at the Granada, and if you’re a Minutemen fan, or just sorta into fIREHOSE, it’s more then worth it to catch this guy play the bass. What’s even more impressive is that he came back from what was reported to be a career ending illness, to become an even better bass player. Also, there is a peace march/benefit show going on up in Denton, at RGRS, that’s being hosted by Sun Club and has a line up that features David Raminez, St. Philistine and Analog Boy.

The Minutemen- Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Truth


Is there any chance Disqo Disco reaches the same level it did last week, what with the absence of a surrounding controversy, and a ton of pissed off people looking to dance off a little steam?


I almost feel bad for The Faint and Ladytron, but then I listen to”Southern Belles in London Sing” and the whole 16 year old drama kid vibe turns me off. I do dig me some Ladytron sometimes, must be the latin in me.

The Faint- Southern Belles in London sing

Ladytron- CMYK

Of course the real deal of the night is the My Bloddy Valentine show going down over at the Palladium, which I’m fairly sure is either sold out or nearly so. I’d love to ramble on and on about why these guys are so important, and why it’s a must see show, but honestly you know all that, and when you throw in the fact that this is one of their few US stops, I fully expect it to be absolutely packed, and raucous event.

My Bloody Valentine- Nothing Much to Lose


Dr. Dog is one of those bands I was both late, and early to the game to, I first caught wind of them when I heard they would be opening for MMJ back in ’04. Of course this was right around the time they received a rather glowing review from the New York Times and everybody and their mother jumped on the bandwagon. Their 60’s psych sound melds well into the background, which is why they’re one of my favorite bands to write to, and their live shows are allways well beyond top notch. I can’t recommend this show enough.

Dr. Dog- Heart it Races (AiH cover)


What a night, MATAS is playing with Nervous Curtains at the City Tavern, Lite Brite and the Heartstring Stranglers are at Muscle Beach, and Born Ruffians are opening up for Franz Ferdinand at the House of Blues. Which is all well and good till you find out what’s going on over at the Lounge.

Born Ruffians – Foxes Mate For Life

Franz Ferdinand- No

Back when I was young, dumb, and living in Houston, I used up all my off time and spare money to fly up to Dallas to catch Johnny Marr with Modest Mouse. Well a friend was nice enough to drive us out to Grand Prairie a bit early,and we sat around the parking lot smoking a joint trying to skip out on the opening act. Eventually the heat got to us. so we went in, and were absolutely fucking floored by the spectacle that was going on the stage. It took me a couple days to find out who the band was, and I’ve caught almost every Man Man show in the state since. You go to this shows, and you’re going to dance, you’re gonna see some shit that’s gonna stay with you, and you’re going to feel bad for everybody that missed out. Giggle Party, and The Boom Boom Box open so get there early.

Man Man- 10lb Mustache


M2S2 is going on most of the day you can go here for the details RTB2, the O’s, the Orbans and The Crash That Took Me are just a few of the bands involved.

I’m not really into The Horrors, but The Kills are one of those bands I love. while I wasn’t completely on board with Midnight Boom, Keep On Your Mean Side and Now Wow are two of my most played albums. Show is at Granada.

The Kills- U R A Fever

Robert Gomez and The Baptist Generals are playing a super secret album release show in Denton. Gutterth is putting on yet another awesome show featuring Trifle Tower, New Science Projects, Kaboom, Scoff and Drink to Victory it’s at J&J’s so it’s free, no word on the blackface situation.

Oh, and Hailey’s has the Texas Chip Roundup going on which features hannahmontanatron, which is the best name I’ve heard in the last 20 minutes.


= day of rest.

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