Good Records Record Store Day lineup/times

16 Apr

You’ve most likely seen the list floating around various sites, so I decided to ad a little commentary to beef up the post.


12:30pm School Of Rock House Band


1:30pm Tre Orsi

These guys have palyed in, or play with roughly every band in the area, and this project shows you why.

2:30pm Greg Schroeder

I got nothin.

3:30pm Shiny Around The Edges

Man this guys beard is fucking awesome, and the band is even better.

4:30pm Chameleon Chamber Group

They just got a write up in Quick, so go ahead take a look at that.

5:30pm Jack With One Eye

I like catchy melodic pop music, and I stand behind my statement to a friend that “these guys will put a fucking smile on your face.”

6:30pm Colossal Yes

You’re not fooling anybody Ben Kweler, we know this is you in disguise.

7:30pm True Widow

How do you not love this band after that?

8:30pm The Crash That Took Me

These guys are always at Good, and their always playing around town. So I guess that means their good, personally I’ve never heard’em.

10pm Starlight Mints

If i have to breakdown this band to you, you should probably be reading something else.

MDNITE The Hooded Deer

By the time this guy goes on the kegs are gonna be tapped, the food will be gone, and most people will have left after Ms. Badu, which sucks cause this guy is more the decent.


11am Rockestra (Rock N Roll Youth Orchestra)

Man the early sets of this day are a Hip Pederast’s wet dream.

NOON Florene

Man catch them here, because having to pay to see Lymbyc System later on that night isn’t fucking worth it.

1pm The Happy Bullets

They had a make out party for their video shoot on Valentines Day. Twee. As. Fuck.

2pm Binary Sunrise

Their myspace page has both Sparks and New Order under their top friends, and they’re playing with RTB2 in May. I’m sold.

3pm Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights

If you miss them here, you can catch them at a townie bar in Lewisville on the 23rd.

4pm Boom Boom Box

Back when I was typing up my NX35 diary, I wrote that these guys were “worth catching a full set from”, what i should have said was “I’m a fucking idiot, I should have skipped the Riverboat Gamblers, and stayed to catch some great fucking music.” This will be remedyed on saturday.

5pm Blixaboy


5:30pm Farah

Fun story, I work at a place where farah once applied to work at, and when I found out I told my boss how awesome her music was, and how she should hire her asap, then my boss looked up her music gave me a weir dlook and hired someone else. So much for using “I work with Farah” as a line in bars.

6pm Stumptone

It’s kind of a bitch having to come up with somethign to say for every band, go check their music, and that should be enough.

7pm Dove Hunter

A friend of mine fucking loves these guys, he’ll be there for this set, I’ll be on my way to Denton.

8pm DSFZ


9pm The Cannabinoids featuring Erykah Badu


Live Video & Visuals by Edward Ruiz from Avenue Arts Venue

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