Rundown: NX35 Saturday & Sunday

12 Mar

This may be the longest yet. In fact holy fuck I can’t believe I did this as a combo.



Denton County Civic Center

Redefining the Music Industry Through Social Media 2p.m.
: Myspace + your band = Fans…well maybe 6 years ago, but that isn’t to say that this panel is pointless. You have to agree that the technology advances of the last 10+ years has changed everything, hell when I was 12 it took something like 3 hours to download a song, now I can get full albums on my g1 in about 10 minutes.

The Fine Arts Theater

A Conversation about Jazz with Harvey Pekar 3 p.m.
: This guy is going to be talking about jazz.


Andy’s Bar and Grill


Riverboat Gamblers, Sweedish Teens, Last of the Interceptors, The Uptown Bums
: I’m not trying to be a dick, but at what point do you grow out of the pseudo-punk phase?


Bart Davenport, the Botticellis, Sugar & Gold
: This is actually impressive for Andy’s. Actually how the fuck did Andy’s get this show? Anyway, Davenport is pop in away that girls like, while…well actually all three of these bands are like that, and that is in no way an insult. Defiantly a show worth checking out.



The Angelus, Nervous Curtains, The Low Anthem, Parata
: Providence’s The Low Anthem has been picking up steam as one of the upward motion independent bands out there, recently making it on to Rolling Stones’ blog, and being name dropped on NPR multiple times. As for the actual music they jump around from dirt crusted Americana jams to laid back melodic pieces that remind me of The Mendoza Line. Nervous Curtains features Sean Kirkpatrick, and anyone from the area knows what influences he brings with him. While Parata shares some of those interest their pop sensibility keeps them from becoming anything close to a rehash, band leader TJ Smith’s vision has the band genre hopping in ways that rarely fail to impress.


Shiny Around the Edges, Electric Toy Danger, Fishboy
: I’m gonna sum this up by saying that by the end of this show on Sunday it will have been a hell of a 4 days for banter.

The Boiler Room


Young Mammals, Kaboom, The Fieros, The Boom Boom Box, Record Hop
: During last years Record Store  Day at Good Records while Record Hop played i made the comment that I would kill to see them play with Houston’s The Dimes, well a name change and almost a year later I get my wish. This show will not  be safe for the faint of heart all these bands like to see how far they can push themselves sonically while staying tight as a group. Expect to be taken aback by it all.


Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, The Drams, The Killhawks
: Clyne is opening for Kid Rock later this year, take that as you want.

Dan’s Silverleaf


The Silver Arrows, Tame..Tame and Quiet, Zest of Yore, Ella Minnow
: You know it’s kind of a bitch having to come up with something new and original to say about fairly popular bands local, and national. How the fuck does weshotjr do it?


Casiotone for the painfully alone, Laura Gibson, Sleep Whale, Moth Fight
: anybody that accuses CFTPA of being twee is an asshole who doesn’t actually listen to lyrics. The genius of something about the mash up of upbeat keys mixed with downing lyrics kinda does it for me. I’m interested to see Moth Fight the music I’ve gleaned from around the net has a feel of Los Campasinos! with an airy tinge. Do we know why Mom became Sleep Whale yet?



Sarah Jaffe, bosque brown, Matthew and the Arrogant Sea, The Chameleon Chamber Group
: The sad thing is there is really nothing new to say about these bands, which is sad because they deserve the press they get, and I feel so late to game with all of them. The DBP remix Matas has on their myspace right now is my favourite song of the year so far.


Monotonix, The Show is Rainbow, beep beep, Sybris
: From what I hear Monotonix gives ManMan a run in the most energetic live band on the planet category, which makes sense if you’ve ever heard any of their classic rock tinged neck breaking music.

Hydrant Cafe

I’m tired of coming up with new Hydrant jokes, so let’s just move on.



Pinebox Serenade, The Hudsons, A.M. ramblers, Dan Montgomery
: Last show of the fest for J&J’s and other then the A.M. Ramblers it does nothing for me, but hey they’re good.



Stumptone, Febrifuge, The odd Primes, History at our disposal
: I was going to make a crack about this being the requisite North Texas Space Rock show, but I felt like an ass for even thinking it. Stumptone is layered with nuanced echos, and fades, while Ferifuge is one of the best lyricist in the area. The odd Primes and HAOD are both respectable additions to this show.


Lydia, PlayRadioPlay, Black Gold, All Get Out
: I think Andy;s and RGRS got their shows mixed up.

And, that’s it kids this has been kind of a beating putting together, but hopefully it sways you to check out at least some of the shows that are going on, and hopefully we can do the whole thing all over again next year.

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