Rundown: NX35 Thursday edition

10 Mar

This is going to be long.

Thursday 3-12


Denton County Civic Center

Indie Rock and Urban Redevelopment: How to Connect the Dots 2 p.m.
: I got nothing for this.


Andy’s Bar and Grill

The Spectacle, The Grey Company, Dead Twins and We Are Villains
: Not my cup of tea, but odds are these semi-straightforward Rock bands go over well with the Andy’s crowd. Check the flyer.


the Orbans, Kody Jackson and The Hope Trust
:Still not my cup of tea, but banter is one hell of a place to get a beer, and the shows there just get better as the week goes on.

The Boiler Room

Skibunny (DJ Set), Gun Gun, The Cocky Americans, Darcy
: The highlight here is definitely Gun Gun, their weird blend of pop and diy aesthetic gives them something these other straight forward “indie” acts lack. Darcy has a flyer but it’s got a bunch of bands that arn’t playing the show, so I’m not posting.

Dan’s Silverleaf

James McMurtry, The Heelers, Claire Small
: Take a grizzeled singer songwriter, a alt country group, and a girl singer songwriter with a airy voice and a country tinge wash, rinse, repeat.


Boyfriends Inc., Vortexas, The Neighborhood Allstars
: HOLY SHIT HIP HOP!!!!! Calm down it’s not any good.

Hydrant Cafe

The Baptist Generals, Spooky Folk, Mike Miller
: No alcohol + Guys playing acoustic guitars = Really if one of your friends suggest going to this you might want to rethink who your friends are.


The Slow Burners, Daniel Folmer, American Wearwolf Academy, Sabra Laval
: Easily this is highlight of the night. I’m not much for AWA, but Folmer, The Slow Burners and Laval all have things I really like about them. Folmer’s music is lo-fi as fuck and I love it the dirty basement is the perfect place to catch him. The Slow Burners are all accomplished musicians, who bring something legit to their shows, I’m iffy on some of their lyrics, but the melodies  are top notch. Laval > Small. check the flyer.


Ham1, Bridges and Blinking Lights, The Diamond Center, Madeline
: The diamond Center sounds like a grown up Ringo Deathstarr, everybody else sounds like an episode of Grey’s Anatomy (rim shot)

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