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And, with that something fun is gone.

1 Mar

Ok we all know the net is full of those fun little places where you can find things that you enjoy/can’t afford/want to learn about and one of those places for years has been scans_daily over on livejournal, sadly as of Friday it’s no longer there.

Now, word is that a high profile writer had something to do with it, and word was going around that Peter Allen David had something to do with it, which has been disavowed, but the truth is, and I’m putting this simply, this fucking sucks. Listen I may not have been a member of the community, but I freely admit to looking at their stuff from time to time, because the comments made me laugh, and the stuff posted helped me stay informed. Now that it’s gone talk is going around that they may, hopefully, get to come back in an albeit neutered form.

Look we all know that some things online are left for those who choose to find them no matter what the cost is, but these people meant no harm. Anyway I wish them luck, and hope they make a comeback it’s a good sign that allot of credible writers are coming to their defense.

In solidarity

Crippled Black Phoenix- Rise Up and Fight